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A short cheat sheet on everything you need to know before coming to NYC! 


Must-have documents for entering the US:

1. Proof of identity (Passport + F-1Visa)

2. Proof of address

3. Proof of enrollment (I-20)


Opening a bank account should definitely be one of the first things you need to do when you get here.

The big three to pick from are:



Bank of America

Mobile phone services

Similarly you’ll need to pick a mobile phone service to keep your snapchat streaks and to whatsapp your loved ones back home. A family plan would be more cost-efficient as well if you have friends to share with.

The four big NYC service providers to pick from are :

  1. AT&T

  2. T-Mobile

  3. Verizon

  4. Sprint


NY has an abundance of restaurants and bars to go to! I’m sure everyone has a bucket list on where to go. While this is not a recommendation list (there a million of these online), this is a reminder that tipping is customary in any service- based business in NYC. The convention is to tip 15% to 20% of the total bill, excluding tax.

Must have apps

Venmo – an extremely useful app to transfer money after a fun night out with friends

Uber/Lyft – transportation apps

Door Dash/Grub Hub – food delivery apps

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